One Month Down!

Hello my fellow vegetarian want-to-bes!

My new years resolution this year was to finally stick to my desire of not eating meat. So I have one month under my belt and even though it has been a struggle, it feels good to have accomplished something for 30 days.  There are many reasons to become a vegetarian.

Top Ten Reasons to Become a Vegetarian:

  1. Helping animals also helps the global poor
  2. Eating meat supports animal cruelty
  3. Eating meat is bad for the environment
  4. It can help avoid the bird flu
  5. If you wouldn’t eat a dog, why would you eat a chicken?
  6. It helps prevent heart disease
  7. It can be healthy and help lose weight
  8. Improves global peace
  9. Helps prevent cancer
  10. Vegetables are DELICIOUS

Now I know some of you are thinking…come on is this girl serious? It can improve global peace? Ya…sure.

Okay lets not go that far. The main reasons I decided to become a vegetarian is to improve my self control, do my part in improving the environment, and because I am very against animal cruelty. Lastly, what tipped me over the edge was a book that I had read when I was traveling last summer. The book was called I am a Strange Loop by by Douglas Hofstadter. There was a chapter about sizes of souls, and what exactly makes one animal’s soul bigger than another. Why is it okay to kill deer, but not elephants. Why is it okay to eat a pig or cow, but not a dog or cat. You get the point. Not everyone has to believe what I believe, but for whatever reason you’re embarking on this journey it’s nice not to be alone.

This blog will explore how to be a HEALTHY vegetarian on a college student’s dime. Yes, I said healthy. There is such thing as an unhealthy vegetarian. All that processed food and bread may be seem easy but it’s not worth it. Think Veggies. You can do some kick-ass things with vegetables.

This week I will be trying these recipes:

Black Bean, Feta, and Avocado Tacos 

Guacamole Grilled Cheese 

I will keep you guys updated and post my results right here!

stay happy, stay healthy, stay upbeat, don’t eat meat!

Cheats:  I had broccoli cheddar soup I’m pretty sure was made with chicken broth, I at something that someone told me was vegetarian but I’m pretty sure it had taco meat in it!


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